Why Do You Need To Install The Garage Door Motor?

Marisa Cattaneo/ November 30, 2020/ Small Business Services

garage door motor

It has been observed that the residential garage doors open at least 1500 times in a year, there are simply no way one could manually open the heavy door and therefore, there is need of the garage door motor. The garage door motor in brisbane helps in the opening of the garage door effectively and quickly. Therefore, almost all the garage doors have the garage door motor installed but due to some reason if it gets broken or damaged then you need to immediately repair this.

Types of the garage door openers:

The one thing which is common in all mechanisms of opening the garage door is the garage door motor. This motor is then used to move the trolley which then move the door and lift it up. The objective of each garage door opener is same which is to open and close the garage door by moving it up and down but the utility of these are different in a manner.

Chain garage door opener:

As the name represent this garage door opener make use of the chain which is connected to the garage door motor to open and close the door. This is one of the most inexpensive type of the garage door opener and is popular among the many homeowners but the side effect of this is that it makes a lot of noise due to movement of chain and if you live in a quiet neighbourhood then this could be problematic or if you yourself does not like noise. Although these are perfect for the uses in the busy areas and in the houses where the garage is not directly under the bedrooms.

Belt garage door opener:

This kind of the garage door opener uses the belt with the garage door motor. The belt is made from rubber and due to which the trolley does not come in contact with the metal and this is why this kind of the design does not make any kind of noise and provide a quieter operation. Due to this mechanism, less parts come in contact with each other and therefore, there are less chances of any damage and the maintenance in these kind of the garage door openers are less. The reason that these are quiet, smooth and low maintenance make them ideal for almost every house.

Screw garage door opener:

This is similar to the above one but in this steel rod is used for movement of the trolley and this is why even fewer parts come in contact with each other. Just like the above type this is also quite and does not require much maintenance and offer durability.

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